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In a fun interview with Rachael Trevino from XStream, Philip Nelson, the visionary founder of Nelco Media, shares the remarkable story of his journey into the live streaming industry and the steps that led him to become a trailblazer in this rapidly evolving field. The interview delves deep into Philip Nelson’s early days, where his passion for technology and media began to take shape. From an early age, Nelson displayed an insatiable curiosity for the possibilities of the digital age and the transformative potential of live broadcasting. This curiosity paved the way for his eventual entrance into the world of live streaming. As the interview unfolds, Nelson reveals the pivotal moments that shaped his career path. He discusses the challenges he faced, the lessons he learned, and the determination that kept him focused on his dream of revolutionizing live streaming. Rachael Trevino adeptly navigates through the conversation, drawing out insights into Nelson’s unique perspective on the industry and the innovative solutions he has brought to the table.

  As a long-time educator, he spent a short time as a public school teacher at the Middle school level teaching Math and Science.  However, most of his time as an educator has been at the university level where he taught Critical Thinking, World Religions, and other courses.  Further, he served as an Area Chair, supervising and training other instructors.  Outside of the university, he taught English as a Second Language, helping numerous people within a Fortune 500 company learn to speak English.   Ultimately, his journey has also allowed him to impact countless lives

     Additionally, he has been active politically as a two-time nominee for U.S. Congress and historian for his state party.  Dr. Westley has authored five books, one of which, “21 Keys & Power-Steps to Success”, has been used to mentor, impact, and change lives worldwide, reaching thousands of people in multiple countries!  He is a board member with the San Antonio Council on Alcohol & Drug Awareness (SACADA).  Finally, he is currently an Education Program Manager working with a special group of people in multiple states.  To God Be The Glory!

A native San Antonian, Trish has a deep and abiding love for the Alamo City and has led successful initiatives for 25 years that have changed the face of the community.But, her best superpower is crisis communications. Trish can create strategies that develop consensus, as well as deliver impactful results. When your reputation or your  is on the line, she is your first call. Make no mistake that the relationship forged through that fire will last a lifetime. That’s just the kind of magnetism she brings to the table.

A strategist and visionary at heart, she is uniquely qualified to provide the overarching big picture under which all other communications tactics flow

When Trish isn’t blazing trails all over town, she is honing her superpowers of strength and agility on a bike at a cycling studio – on pace for a remarkable 1,100 rides. See, we told you she was built for record setting speed! She’s also supermom to her two kids Scott and Maddie who provide the fuel to her sparkle and non-stop energy.